Looking for fire starters made in the USA? You've found them. We've sorted through all the brands and found the best prices 

GobSpark Ranger


Best Price $15.65

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 The design of this fire steel is simply the best. Buy this FireSteel and you will hold in your hand a fire making tool that has no equal. The Armageddon and palm scraper come attached with a generous length of quality para cord, not a cheap piece of shoe string that is too short to use. They click together securely for storage just as described. Using moderate pressure and slow deliberate strokes this unit unleashes a thick "GOB" of sparks (they named it right)that will light your fire quickly and effortlessly, when it matters, and that's all that matters. I suggest buying at least two because you will wear the first one down just playing with it, and being amazed at how great a well thought out product makes your brain feel.

Spark-Lite Firestarter

 Best Price $7.41


Aurora Fire Starter

Doan Magnesium 
Fire Starter

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 There are a lot of cheap imitations on the market that do not work and are not worth anything, even at a discounted price. Doan's are inexpensive and well worth the couple dollars over the junk stuff on the market. My brother used this in USAF Survival School and swears by it. My 10 year old grandson is in scouts and he and his Dad and occasionally I go camping, canoeing, fishing, hiking, etc. I bought three, one for each of us, and gifted them last weekend. We immediately went out in the driveway and practiced using them. They all worked great, as advertised, and exceeded expectations. My daughter was not too happy about the scorch marks in the driveway (the magnesium burns hot) but boys will be boys, no matter what age! Great product!

Blastmatch Fire Starter

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Zippo Emergency

Fire Starter